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About Remade

Remade Scotland was launched in 1999 as a major inititiative charged with stimulating, developing and strengthening markets for waste recyclates in Scotland. The inititiatve was unique at the time, being the first in the UK and supported by the then Scottish Executive, all 32 Scottish Councils, Scottish Enterprise and SEPA as well as the private sector waste management companies, Shanks, Viridor and Valpak.


The programme was initially based on the successfull Clean Washington Centre and concentrated on identifying alternative uses for the various reyclates being recovered by or on behalf of Scottish Councils.

The development of the National Waste Strategy incorporating challanging targets and the consequences of the Landfill Directive meant that Scottish Councils and Government were faced with devising new schemes to improve the country's recycling performance.

The creation of the Government's Strategic Waste Fund meant that the Councils were able to bid for additional funding to introduce these new schemes. Remade staff used a modelling tool developed by colleagues within the Caledonian Environment Centre to refine and predict the outcomes of a number of various waste recycling schemes, allowing the Scottish Government to have accurate information on which to make bidding decisions. The Scottish Government also used Remade's capabilities to evaluate bids made independently by Councils.

Current Programme

The Remade programme is delivered by the Caledonian Environment Centre from Glasgow Caledonian University. Since 2002, Remade's expertise has been expanded to encompass

  • more detailed reporting on recycling progress overall;
  • specific examination of the factors which influence public participation in recycling;
  • market intelligence;
  • technical research;
  • and identifying the barriers to ensuring the country meets the recycling and composting targets set out by Scottish Government in 2008.

The Strategic Waste Fund has now been replaced with the 'Zero Waste Fund' and Remade is working with a number of Councils to ensure continuing investment in waste recycling can be secured.

Given Scotland's steady progress towards compliance with national and EU waste recycling targets, Remade's skills have evolved to include expertise in secondary and tertiary waste treatment processes such as materials recycling facilities, anaerobic digestion, in-vessel composting and energy from waste.

Zero Waste Scotland

In 2008 the Scottish government brought Remade Scotland, WRAP and WAS together as Zero Waste Scotland, to ensure that the activites of these three strategic delivery bodies could be integrated effectively to provide the maximum benefit for Scotland.

A three year Zero Waste Scotland business plan was developed to focus on

  • Prevention
  • Recycling & Composting
  • Process Product and Manufacture
  • Procurement

Each of the the three delivery bodies developed their individual Operational plans on the basis of the main Zero Waste Scotland plan.

Caledonian Environment Centre

In April 2008, the Caledonian Environment Centre part of Glasgow Caledonian University was awarded a three grant totalling £1,832,194 to continue the activities of Remade Scotland. As part of this a Zero Waste Scotland Programme was developed and agreed by the Caledonian Environment Centre, Waste Aware Scotland and WRAP. This Zero Waste Scotland programme identified where market interventions were needed to support greater recycling and recovery of waste to meet some of the regulatory and strategic targets set by the Scottish Government.

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