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Data Modelling

Remade Scotland has developed a significant expertise in working with Scottish Local Authorities, understanding their recycling programmes and the overall impact of council activities on recycling performances against targets. This work has involved close discussions with councils and the subsequent aggregation of information to provide a Scotland- wide perspective on recycling levels against Government targets.

Output from 2008/09

Data modelling provided a significant element of underpinning knowledge and analysis for all elements of the Remade Programme. It also was used to support Government evaluation of Councils progress towards the 2010 and 2013 Recycling and Composting targets. The key findings being:

  • The projected responses from Councils suggest that 2010 LAS targets and 40% recycling target will be met; but
  • The projected responses suggest that without further plans from the Councils the 2013 LAS targets will be missed.
  • The projected response data showed that the target to reach 50% recycling by 2013 will be missed by a significant margin.

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