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Kerbside Recycling - Scheme Optimisation

Working with a steering group of Local Authorites, Remade will provide direct targetted support to Councils to assist them optimise their recycling schemes.The need for this has been identified through three main reports.

1. LARS. The Local Authority Research and Support (LARS) Programme in 2008/9 identified that the main support required by Councils was assistance to enhance their recyclate collection services.

2. Kerbside Best Practice
. In addition, research carried out as part of the Remade Recyclate Recovery Study in 2008/9 indicates significant variation in scheme performance across Councils. Other research has also indicated how recycling performance can vary within individual recycling schemes.

3. Targets. The findings of the research into Scotlands Recycling Targets found that although:
• Councils are likely to achieve the 2009/10 LAS targets and the
• 40% recycling target

It is likely that the 50% recycling target will be missed by a significant margin.


As a consequence the objective of the Recycling Scheme Optimisation programme is therefore to assist Councils achieve higher recovery rates through targeted support, working directly with each local authority. Remade Scotland will work with COSLA through a Local Authority Steering Group to deliver a targeted programme to assist Councils optimise their recycling schemes.

The programme will involve discussions with each of the Councils on their objectives and needs, and will provide a template for the data requirements for the support the Council needs. The data gathered from the Councils will allow Remade to carry out one or more of the following:

•Review the current kerbside dry recyclate collection service.
•Identification of areas of potential enhancement -
•Examination of the opportunities where additional or new and innovative services can be introduced
•Assessment of carbon savings

Remade will be working with WAS and WRAP to assist councils with the enhancements to recyclate recovery programmes.


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