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Market Analysis

Remade Scotland produces an annual report on the state of the market for Scotland's recycled materials. These reports provide a commentary on market security, market pricing and principal outlets for some of the main materials recycled in Scotland.

In 2008/09 following a sharp reduction in recyclate prices in the second half of 2008 which arose from a wider global financial crisis, Remade produced an initial Report on the Financial Exposure of Scottish Local Authorities Arising from the Reductions in Recyclate Material Prices. The report identified that due to the drop in recyclate values that Councils had a potential annual financial exposure of £3.9 million. However the extent of the financial exposure was limited by the fact that:

  • There are domestic markets for around 50% of Scotland's recyclate i.e. News and Pams, Organics and Glass
  • 50% of Councils have fixed long term contracts especially for News & Pams which alone contributes 20% of all Scotland's recyclate by weight and more than 30% by value.
  • The report also found that Councils were seeking further support for Contracts especially for their Kerbside Recyclate

A further annual report on the state of Scotland's recyclate markets will be produced in early 2010. This report will review market conditions, material and price trends and will seek to provide market intelligence to ensure ongoing security of material outlets and to identify the potential for investments in new reprocessing and manufacturing capability.

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