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Annual Reports

01 July 2005Markets for Recyclable Materials Recovered by Scottish Local Authorities

Report Summary

With the implementation of phase 1 of the Strategic Waste Fund and the achievement of 25% recycling of MSW, Remade has conducted an assessment of the materials likely to be recovered and the implications for the markets for these recyclates.

The primary conclusions of this review are that:-

1. Although driven by legislative push rather than the pull of direct market demand, there are, to all intents and purposes, markets or outlets for virtually all recyclate material potentially recovered (so we shouldn't be in the position of ending up landfilling recyclate).

2. The real issues relate primarily to the value that the LA's recyclate will achieve,
which is affected by:-

  • accessible end markets and
  • quality of recyclate collected (Kerbside household collections and bring sites together supply the majority of recyclate to the market -71% of material recovered is from these sources - this should theoretically be source segregated tonnage.)

3. Development of the markets is largely about creating diversity of outlets and stimulating market demand that help improve the recyclate value.

4. Ongoing monitoring of the quality of recyclate recovered from various schemes isrequired - linked to value received. (e.g. mixed glass, cheaper collection but lower value compared to colour segregated collection which is more expensive but cancommand better prices and access to a broader range of stable markets)

5. LAs could benefit from improved contractual arrangements perhaps associatedwith joint or consortium selling due to the small size and low market share we have in the global market.

6. Scotland should continue to take action to stimulate both supply and demand in a balanced way thus work across the whole supply chain.

7. To stimulate end markets the Public Sector should be encouraged to adopt green procurement strategies, which can be helped by the setting of targets for % recycled content.

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