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Annual Reports

30 April 2009Short to Medium Term Material Recycling Facilities Requirements in Scotland

Report Summary

The purpose of the study was to provide good quality data on the likely tonnage of co-mingled recyclate material arising, in the short and medium term arising from anticipated changes in the Local Authority recyclate collection schemes in Scotland. The purpose was also to provide a regional analysis of the potential level of investment required to process this tonnage if new, best practice MRFs are to be developed. The study was conducted in three phases:

1. Local Authority survey to identify Councils considering changing their main scheme to a co-mingled scheme.

2. Modelling of total yields from the identified additional co-mingled schemes to quantify the potential tonnage of material requiring processing at MRF.

3. Calculation of the capital and ongoing operational costs for the new MRF facilities potentially required on a regional basis using the Remade MRF model. This has been reported as a cost per tonne.

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