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15 December 2005
Rural Glass Recycling Forum (Dec 2005)
To support the development of more sustainable waste management in rural areas, Remade held a Glass Workshop to encourage knowledge transfer between rural organisations. This document provides a report of the activities and outcomes of the event.

31 August 2005
Small Scale Recycling Technologies (Sept 2005)
A review of available small scale glass processing equipment

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31 January 2005
Case Study - Leisuredrome Swimming Pool, Bishopbriggs (Jan 2005)
This case study aims to demonstrate that by thinking "outside the box" and looking at life costs of a product rather than simply the upfront costs, that significant cost savings can often be realised when utilising new sustainable products entering the marketplace.

15 June 2004
Fluorescent Tube Recycling (June 2004)
A review of the issues relating to Fluorescent Tube Recycling

14 February 2004
Flat Glass Recycling in Scotland (Feb 2004)
This report reviews the volumes of flat glass waste arisings in Scotland and assess the market opportunites and barriers associated with recovering and recycling this valuable resource.

24 September 2003
Guide to the Practical Use of Postconsumer Glass in Rural Areas (Sept 2003)
This report is produced by Western Isles Council and funded by The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Recycling Programme.

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31 July 2003
Glass Recycling Handbook (July 2003)
The Glass Recycling Technology Handbook is a comprehensive and detailed guide to glass handling, processing, specifications, performance and market criteria.

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30 April 2001
Factsheet - Glass as an Abrasive (April 2001)
An overview of the use of recycled glass as an abrasive shotblast

31 January 2001
Shotblasting using Recycled Glass (Jan 2001)
This report focuses on the industrial abrasive application for recycled glass and complements earlier work carried out by the Clean Washington Centre.

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