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31 July 2003Glass Recycling Handbook (July 2003)

Report Summary

Glass is an ideal material for recycling and in some cases can be used repeatedly without any deterioration in its physical properties. In recent years new legislative and fiscal drivers have contributed to increasing the desirability of recycling glass.


To meet demands for higher quality cullet, new technology has been developed and introduced to the glass making industry that enables processors to improve cullet quality and make production more efficient. The development of new and alternative markets for recycled glass has further contributed to the development of new technologies. Processing technologies have needed to keep pace with the variety of specifications introduced by these new end markets. These markets include:

  • construction
  • aggregates,
  • filtration,
  • shotblasting
  • tiles & ornaments,
  • decorative aggregates,
  • fluxing agents and
  • glass fibre applications.

The purpose of this document is to introduce those wishing to invest in glass processing technologies to the variety of equipment types and services which are
available on the market today to aid the decision making process.

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