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20 January 2009
The Potential Landbank for PAS 100 Compost
The report identifies that Agricultural outlets alone offer the potential to use up to 27 million tonnes of compost. However due to the issues with Quality Meat Standards, the agricultural market in practice only offers a fraction of this potential capacity at around 25 thousand tonnes. Outwith agriculture the two main oultets are Council own applications and Brownfield and Derilict Land.

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19 August 2008
Foodwaste Collection Trials - Interim Report (August 2008)
Seven food waste collection trials have been funded in Scotland by the Scottish Government under the Remade Scotland programme. These will complement trials supported by WRAP which have taken place elsewhere in the UK.

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15 February 2007
Lothian & Borders Market Research (Feb 2007)
An assessment of current and future green waste arisings and an analysis of market conditions for compost in the Lothian and Borders area.

30 November 2006
Polo Pitch Trials (Jan 2006)
An 18 Month trial at Dundee and Perth Polo Club, Perthshire Racecourse to evaluate the benefits of green waste derived compost compared with various topdressings including conventional fertiliser.

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31 May 2006
Efficient Application of Compost (May 2006)
Factsheet discussing different methods of application of green waste derived compost.

31 May 2006
Compost & Disease Supression (May 2006)
Fact sheet on the advantages of using compost for turf disease suppression

31 May 2006
Compost for Golf Courses & Sports Turf
A factsheet for sports turf managers highlighting developments in the use of green compost.

11 April 2006
Compost Mapping Study (April 2006)
A review of the organic waste composting industry in Scotland. The report focuses on the four key areas of interest for the market sector, these being organic waste collection, compost production and use, gate fee revenues and product value.

17 May 2005
Glasgow & Clyde Valley Market Research (May 2005)
A quantitative market research report of the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Region and the available markets for quality compost derived from green waste.

30 September 2004
Benefits of Using Compost for Scottish Crops (Sept 2004)
Sustainability is an issue of increasing importance for the agricultural industry and there are real commercial benefits to be realised by being ahead of the competition. The dramatic growth of the composting sector offers a range of high quality products that offer farmers the opportunity to develop cropping systems that require lower use of chemical inputs without any detrimental effects on crop yield and soil health. This report summarises the key benefits of using quality compost for Scottish crops.

27 November 2003
An introduction to Anaerobic Digestion (Nov 2003)
A comprehensive overview on the technical and financial aspects of Anaerobic Digestion, including a review of biogas production, and an easy to use glossary guide to the key terms of reference.

21 May 2003
FAQ - Compost in Agriculture (May 2003)
A synopsis prepared for Remade by Dr Robin Szmidt, Andrew Dickson, Ron Alexander and Paulo Cruz, this FAQ includes information on the inherent benefits of using compost in agriculture, including its disease suppresive qualities and additional fertiliser need.

21 May 2003
FAQ - Compost in Landscaping (May 2003)
A synopsis prepared for Remade by Dr Robin Szmidt, Andrew Dickson, Ron Alexander and Paulo Cruz, this FAQ includes information on applications and uses for compost in the landscape environment including advice on use as mulch, backfill and as a topsoil blending ingredient.

14 March 2003
Risks with Large Scale Technology Solutions for Organics Waste Management (March 2003)
An informative review of 21 identified large scale treatment technologies operated in the United States, this report highlights the need for purchasers of large scale plants to fully understand the key issues inherent in the operation of such facilities.

20 December 2002
Case Study - Turf Top Dressing of Sports Pitches (Dec 2002)
A case study based in North Lanarkshire, on the application of compost for turf top dressing on Local Authority owned sports pitches,this study was conducted in association with Ron Alexander.

27 November 2002
Methods for Testing Compost (2002)
A variety of factors will affect the quality and characteristic of compost. These factors range from, and include, the type and quantity of feedstock used, site characteristics, process adopted, composting and maturation period. Knowing the characteristics of the compost produced is essential in assessing the potential for a particular application, as well as an audit trail for quality control.

21 August 2002
Case Study - Soil & Mulch for Flowerbeds (2002)
A unique case study conducted by Ron Alexander in association with Remade Scotland, this report focuses on the use of quality compost used in planting beds, formal gardens, and shrub beds in North Lanarkshire.

19 June 2002
Factsheet on Composting Biosolids (2002)
This factsheet offers an insight into the key elements of composting biosolids. The factsheet focuses on the processes, technologies and feedstocks for biosolids composting, including reference to end product utilisation.

29 June 2001
Barriers to Composting in Scotland (2001)
This report summarises notes and subsequent analysis of detailed discussions about the barriers to composting in Scotland. This discussion took place as a facilitated meeting at East Kilbride on 24 April 2001. Those present represented a broad cross section of the Scottish waste management industry working towards recycling of organics.

31 October 2000
Compost Market Structure (2001)
A concise and informative review conducted for Remade Scotland by Dr Robin Szmidt in 2001.

30 August 2000
Composting Technologies & Systems (2000)
An informative review of the available composting treatment systems of relevance to the Scottish waste management context. The report also includes a drivers and barriers to composting organic material.

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