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01 December 2005
Business Case for Automated Paper Sorting
The purpose of this report is to analyse and assess the capacity for value add that exists in the utilisation of automated optical paper sorting systems, within the context of Local Authority kerbside collected recyclables.

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01 October 2003
Paper Specfication used in Universities Procurement
Remade introduces Environmental Considerations to a New Paper Tender for UK Universities. Remade has produced new environmental requirements for paper procured using the UK Universities national paper agreement.

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02 February 2003
Paper Testing Procedures in Sweden
This report is a summary of findings from a visit with Mr. Thorbjorn Linderoot, at the Stora Enso newsprint mill just outside Gothenburg, Sweden. The purpose of the report is to examine the mills methods for measuring the quality of paper received from over 100 suppliers, and examine how the mill provides quick and accurate feedback to each supplier and further understand how the quality translates into determining the price for materials received.

01 February 2003
Papersort Technology in Gothenburg
In February 2003, Remade Scotland visited the IL Recycling Papersort facility in Gothenburg, Sweden to learn more about this new automatic sorting technology and see the process in action.

03 June 2001
EU Standard Grades for Recoverd Paper and Board
The full list of standards for recovered paper and board produced by the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).

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02 June 2001
Alternative Markets for Waste Paper
A discussion of the use waste paper for animal bedding and in vermiculture.

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01 June 2001
Waste Paper for Animal Bedding
Wastepaper, particularly shredded newsprint, can be used as an alternative to traditional forms of animal bedding such as straw and sawdust. It provides the necessary high absorbency and thermal insulation required for animal bedding. This concise FAQ summarises the performance advantages of utilising this material.

01 January 2001
Glossary of Terms : Paper Making
A concise and informative set of terms used predominantly in the paper and recovered paper industry.

02 October 2000
Waste Paper Collections in Scotland
An overview of waste paper collection schemes currently in operation in Scotland and the difficulties encountered.

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01 October 2000
Barriers and Markets for Waste Paper
A discussion of the economic and technical barriers encountered in developing successful markets for waste paper and an overview of successful alternative markets for waste paper.

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01 October 2000
Paper Making and Paper Mills in Scotland
An introduction to the process of paper making, paper grades and the paper making industry in Scotland. The potential for increasing the amount of waste paper used in this industry is discussed.

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