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01 June 2009
Recycling Reconstituted Wood (June 2009)
This Report reviews current arisings and explores the potential contribution that segregating waste reconstituted wood from MSW can make towards Zero Waste in general and national recycling and landfill diversion targets in Scotland.

01 May 2009
Wood Waste from the Scottish Waste Managment Sector (May 2009)
This report evaluates the arisings of waste wood from the Scottish waste management industry for the development of the Biomass Market.

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01 February 2006
Recycling MDF (Feb 2006)
Factsheet: Recycling Medium Density Fibreboard

01 May 2004
Woodwaste Arisings in Scotland (May 2004)
This document examines the main sources of wood waste arising in Scotland, identifying the main characteristics of these arisings and the potential marketability of the material.

01 March 2003
Biofuels Report (March 2003)
A report to identify the feasibility of utilising waste wood as a feedstock for use in bioenergy technologies.

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